EdTech 505 Reflective Blog Postings – Week 1

During my first week in EdTech 505, I learned how to use GoogleDocs by sharing my folder and documents with my professor. I examined the first three chapters of The ABCs of Evaluation, written by Boulmetis and Dutwin.   I explored what an evaluation is. I summarized it as a process to collect data, analyze the data to determine its value and content.  I explored why evaluate and how to effectively evaluate?  Depending on the context, effectively evaluating is an art.  Searching for clues to give me a better idea of what action to take.

What action is that?  This depends on what I am evaluating.  When designing an evaluation, I would need to determine what is the purpose for the evaluation, what information is intended to whom, what information is needed, and what audience am I targeting.

For example, if I wanted to determine the reason for my evaluation like how well a trainee was learning.  I would want to determine who would be doing the evaluation.  As a trainer, I would nominate myself to do the evaluation and to  collect data.  Then I would determine what type of instrument to use, like how many tests were taken, how well the trainee scored on the tests, and what was the trainee’s understanding of the program.  After the evaluation tools have been put in place, I would initiate the evaluation.  Then I would want to present the  justifications for evaluating the trainee, and if there are any further training needed.  I would want to know if my training techniques has helped the trainee or not.  I would need to evaluate the impact of my training program to identify a need that the trainee  may or may not be receiving.

By collecting specific data and other information to analyze, this would allow me to make conclusions and finally make decisions on which direction to take.  That decision can be to either eliminate the training program or to upgrade the training program.

The next topic I would like to explore is how to make accurate decisions based on the data given.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

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