EdTech 505 Blog II

EdTech 505 Reflective Blog Posting – Posting II
Reading Chapter 8 in the book of The ABC’s of Evaluation, by Boulmetis and Dutwin really illuminated my mind about the difference between evaluation and research. It is an everyday process that I do to research various things, from researching which kind of toothpaste to use, to examining which toothpaste that the Dental Association recommends. Evaluation takes a different turn that I have to determine if cavities are the results of the conclusion I have made about the best use of toothpaste.
This is only an illustration of how I learned the difference between evaluation and research. In the educational forum, evaluation can be critical to help instructional designers determine which program or project is best for learners to use or how to efficient the program is. To develop the skills in evaluating the program, tools are needed to be successful. I learned that by performing interviews, questions, looking at data, understanding data, determining how data is used, and making decisions on how, what, and where to use data and provide the conclusion – this provides creditability as an evaluator that has done a thorough investigation on how the data is used and reported.
The Glossary Assignment challenged me to look at the specialist terms, what the meanings are, and how I could apply the terms to my everyday learning and life skills.


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My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

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