EdTech 505 – Post 5A

Working on my original submittable Forum 03 on the project called “ASL as a Required Course”, has been challenging and frustrating for me. My general idea was to make American Sign Language a required course in general studies at most colleges and universities for the foreign language course credit. Then I did a preliminary research with friends, some students at the BSU campus, and family members about my topic. Most discussions were surrounded to the fact that American Sign Language was not a needed foreign language, but more of a elective language because communicating with the deaf or other was limited or the disadvantage group was a minority, whereas other foreign languages would be a high demand for bilingual studies for targeted jobs. My professor guided me to explore how every person should speak a second language, as much as understanding basic sign language. Some of the questions posed to me was who will I be evaluating, what is the goal of my evaluation project, who are the stakeholders, and how will I collect real data, and from whom.

This posed a challenging project for me, as I wanted to narrow down my focus and work on my project effectively. I explored further and the key ingredient that my professor guided me to understand was to focus on evaluating basic sign language. How would I go about teaching basic sign language, using rich media? The primary goal was to help my targeted audience understand that basic sign language is cross-linguistic, meaning that facial and body language plays a huge part in communicating visually. Who would be my targeted audience? I have chosen a few friends and family members to test this evaluation project, which would include using Skype or GoogleApps to visually see me teach basic sign language and to see text messaging as supporting text to explain the visual action. I will be evaluating friends and family members to see if he or she understands the visual concept of basic sign. My plan is to collect real data from a Survey Monkey to assess friends and family based on what his or her level of comfort is in learning basic sign language.

The problem analysis would be a Criterion Referenced measurement to determine if my targeted audience has mastered a level of basic sign language. The design aspect would be Skype or Google Apps so that I can visually see my targeted audience and vice versa. The message design will be psychomotor, where my targeted audience will relate to movement and associate with mental process. The instructional strategies will arrange a time to meet with the learner online via Skype or Google Apps, commence communication via text and proceed with visual manipulation of sign language. The learner characteristics vary, from on-campus faculty, family members, and friends who are not familiar with basic sign language. The outcome is to assess the learners to determine how well learning basic sign online was effective.


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My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

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