EdTech 505 Evaluation Progress Report – Post 5B

During my research and study of using rich media to teach basic sign language, I’ve have been working with friends and family to download either Skype or ooVoo software tool. For the older generation, the challenge was to understand each detail of downloading ooVoo or Skype onto his or her personal computer or laptop. Some were hesitant that he or she may download a virus on to his or her computer. Others felt technically challenge to determine which was the ‘Enter’ button compared to what to look for on screen. The younger generation seemed familiar with social media and more motivated to see friends online, regardless if he or she will be learning basic sign language.

This type of technology tool requires a webcam, a minimum of 128 KB connection speed, and a headset or speakers and microphone if wanted. The internet connection for most off-campus students or at home learners will at the cost of the internet , i.e. cable, DSL, or dial-up. Both software tools were compatible to Windows and Mac. The evaluation goal is that learners will successfully download either ooVoo or Skype and learn basic sign language by viewing visual media and text chat. The short term objective for the learners is to independently learn basic sign language, via visual video chat, and respond back to me, the instructor. The criterion is to be available online to communicate with me online. The evaluation procedure will be observation and ‘print screen’ shots to show how learners are learning basic sign language. The time frame is within three weeks, due to downloading software and commencing communication via online.

When attempting to collect data from friends and family, the frustration I have seemed to run into was inconsistencies of time frame. When going online at a scheduled time, the end user that I was attempting to commence communication with was not available. I resorted to sending an email and a Blackberry text to family and friends to ask about the time scheduled to be online. What I have learned through this ordeal was to send a reminder email the night before and one hour before meeting with the end user at a specific time frame. This seemed to make the demonstration go more efficiently.

The data collection that I am doing is what am I teaching. Downloading software tools to learn basic sign language. What is the best way to deliver this teaching method? Using rich media such as Skype or ooVoo, via online. How many students/stakeholders do I have? I have eight participants that consist of family members and friends. What is the difference between traditional and online teaching? Traditional consisted of brick and mortar classrooms where learners were required to show up to class, purchase the required materials for learning sign language, and participate 100% fully to gain the understanding of visual sign language. Online teaching gives the learner the flexibility to learn basic sign language in a social mediated format anywhere, any time, any place.

The remaining project for my paper is to complete my Discussion of Results, Conclusions and Recommendations, finalizing my Appendices, and wrapping up my overall paper to ensure that it flows.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

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