EdTech 505 – Post 5C

In my personal reflection of doing my final evaluation project, I learned to develop a process to collect information on how to do my instructions using video chat. During my project, I worked on organizing my data and recording the information, reviewing the immediate results of my instructions, documenting what activities were needed to complete the project, and reviewing what the outcome of my instructions were with my test subjects. Although the time on this project would have been extensive, the short term output of the project allowed me to see how the behaviors of my test subjects resulted after having the lessons to develop a skill set. I realized I had to make some modifications in my project to allow other software users to communicate with me online. In my formative evaluation, I had presented to my learners what type of performance objectives I wanted him or her to accomplish. My learners, armed with this knowledge, were able to understand the instructional strategies, what materials were provided, and perform criterion-referenced standards tests at the end of my project. While it is possible that my learners were able to earn a “passing score”, one of my test subjects did not do well on my project. During my feedback from my test subject, I was able to draw a conclusion that the quantitative and qualitative instruction was done well, but the time to commit to the project was overwhelming for my test subject. If I had performed the instructions at an earlier time or later time that was not during holidays, I would have been more confident that my test subject would have fared better.

The delivery of my instructions was done on a one to one basis, using video chat. When I asked for feedback, the areas that I focused on were hand gestures, eye contact, and visual aids. I had to make an extemporaneous visual communication to emphasize the purpose of my lessons. At the end of my instructions, I was able to provide feedback to my stakeholders, indicating what level he or she scored after learning the project. I had encouraged my students to continue learning basic sign language and that I would be available at any time after the initial course of my final project to promote continuous learning using video chat.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

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