Google Reader – EdTech 597

For week 2, our assignment included:
EDTECH 597 – Blogging in the Classroom: Week 2 – Checklist

1. Read:

Harrsch, M. (2003). RSS: The next killer app for education. Technology Source, 6(4). Retrieved from

Due: 17 June

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital natives, digital immigrants – Part II: Do they really think differently? On the Horizon, 9(6). Retrieved from…0Part1.pdf

McKenzie, J. (2007). Digital nativism: Digital delusions and digital deprivation. From Now On, 17(2). Retrieved from

Reeves, T.C. (2008). Do generational differences matter in instructional design? Online discussion presentation to Instructional Technology Forum from January 22-25, 2008 at…mJan08.pdf

Due: 19 June

2. Create an RSS reader account. Due: 16 June

3. Add your instructor’s and all of your fellow students’ blogs to your RSS reader. Due: 16 June

4. Add additional blogs of interest to your RSS reader. Due: 19 June

5. Create a Twitter account. Due: 17 June

6. Send out your first tweet. Due: 17 June

7. Post your Twitter username to the discussion forum entitled “Twitter Name.” Due: 17 June

8. Create a Feedburner account. Due: 19 June


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

3 Responses to Google Reader – EdTech 597

  1. mkbnl says:

    Christina, how have you found using Google reader? Also, what did you think of the readings for this week?

    • cadeleo says:

      Michael, the link that you posted on how to organize your peers blogs was excellent! What a useful tool.
      Especially for those who do not have time to search throughout the internet to find their classmates blogs.
      When I click on the Google Reader folder, I simply hit reply to my class mate to communicate directly to him/her.
      I just recently found out that if you click on the Title of the Blogging Post, you can reply directly to his/her ‘comments’ blog.
      Every day, I am learning something new about the uses for blogging.

      • mkbnl says:

        Christina, that is great to hear. I notice you have been busy in your commenting in the past couple of days and I encourage you to keep it up. I’ve found that when you comment on other’s blogs, they generally return the favour. 🙂

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