Why do I blog?

If I had to find my mission statement of why I wanted to blog, my mission statement would go something like this:
My goal is to empower each individual the knowledge that s/he needs in order to make informative decisions.
The rationale is to serve a purpose for those who want to gain tools to do his or her work efficiently and effectively. Blogging is about sharing your ideas, information, and a collection of resources that add tools to your toolbox. Having a personal voice empowers me to network abroad and make the connections with others who have to desire to learn and share knowledge. The value of sharing knowledge can be a strength that helps individuals be part of the networking community. This week, on my journey, I wanted to see what blogs were out there that had MISSION STATEMENTS. Here is what I found…
Verdant Dance: http://tinyurl.com/6z3bzy8
Good Life of Design: http://tinyurl.com/5rh5xex
Bradley Howard’s Blog: http://tinyurl.com/5vutce8


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

One Response to Why do I blog?

  1. mkbnl says:

    Christina, this is well written and well thought out. I just want to make sure that you haven’t mistaken a mission statement for a disclosure statement (i.e., one of this week’s activities).

    I know one of the other things I’ve been asking you to consider during the first three to four weeks is what you want your blog to be about, and if that is what you have written here, well done. It will help you a great deal to have that mission firmly in your mind when you begin to do the content focused, topical/thematic blogging next week.

    I just want to make sure that you didn’t combine the two tasks, as the disclosure statement is something quite different (and likely should be a page on the blog, as opposed to an entry).

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