EdTech 597 List – Week 4

I have always thought it was good to preview before I produce. As I go out to the world wide web to discover what are some ideas for my blog to display best style, organized, and well formatted blog, I started by looking at copies of other professional blogs, reviewing various types of professional blogs, using a metasearch engine to see if there was any blogs out there related to workforce development, human resource development, corporate training, or even remotely off campus training for work. While exploring the web, I wanted to learn more about preparing my blog before I clicked on the button to send the data out there in the World Wide Web. I reviewed the YouTube video, Building Blogs is like Building Muscles, to gather some ideas on creating my list for workforce development.

So what are my strategies in workforce development and training?

I work with many diverse cultural employees that are expatriates in the US. To prepare him or her for their stay in the US, here are some educational tools or tips that I have adapted in my training module.

  • Is there a need for training?  There are many reasons why workforce development is needed.  Whether it is training for new software integration or enhancing a skill, it is important to remember that the expatriate is not from the US culture, so learning idioms, slangs, or current ideals, defining what is expected of the employee in his or her job role.
  •  Does the employee understand the training objective?  Creating a correlation between the job activities to the classroom activity is important for the employee to create building blocks of understanding the concept of the job task.
  • Is the training relevant to what the employee’s day-to-day task entails?  By providing a clear objective of what the training is about to provide, this gives the employee the idea of what is expected of him or her, so that s/he can take accountability for his or her learning activities.
  • Does the employee have a preview of what the training entails?  When providing course work, employees are busy doing his or her daily tasks, that by providing a quick snapshot of what s/he will expect in the training session, will prepare him or her to quickly assess what is expected in the class.
  • Are there adequate tools for the employee to utilize during training sessions?  Whether it is software, hardware, or just another warm body in the classroom, ensuring that the tools are readily available and in good working condition makes the training session go smoothly or provide measurables for the employee to utilize.

About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

3 Responses to EdTech 597 List – Week 4

  1. mkbnl says:

    Christina, I’m not sure this would constitute a list (as I only see one item listed).

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