Why Build Educational Blogs?

Blogging has become a popular tool to express opinions, but now many educational technologists are using blogging as a tool to educate students and readers alike. Although blogging can be a means of a communication tool between the student and instructor, it can be an educational tool as well.

When creating an educational blogging tool, why must an instructor build educational blogs?
What purpose does this serve? I’d like to explore this question further and would enjoy seeing what your inputs here.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

2 Responses to Why Build Educational Blogs?

  1. mkbnl says:

    Christina, personally I think the answer to your question would be it depends. If I had a closed blog that was shared with only my students I could use the blog as a replacement for the LMS. In this respect, I must use it as a way to provide information and content for the students. However, I could also use it as a public discussion forum. In this respect, I must use it as a way to encourage discussion and knowledge building among the students (and the general public because why use a blog instead of the LMS’ discussion forum unless I wanted the discussion to be public). So I personally believe that a lot of what the instructor must do is based on how the instructor wants to use the blog(s).

  2. nelsbaq21 says:

    Hi Christina, Nice Blog,
    As an educational tool,
    I believe Blogs have become a popular communication tool, therefore allowing students to express their opinion in a way they can contribute to their own educational environment.
    Some students may not feel as comfortable writing on a Blogs, but other do find the opportunity to express their views on the particular educational topic.


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