Foodies, Only!

How many times have we flipped through a television channel only to be enthralled to a cooking show on how to make an awesome dish?  I have a confession to make.  I am a foodie, a secret chef behind closed doors, a Julia Child’s fan.  Education is not just limited to the classroom or learning just about technology.  Education can arrive right at your kitchen counter.  When we sit for long hours doing homework or going over our taxes only to feed a craving that we have a hankering for.


I’ve been guilty of opening the refrigerator and not finding what I am    craving for, only to go back to the fridge ten minutes later and open the fridge door – hoping that something magically appeared.

I see that I have ingredients, but creativity doesn’t come to me.  I’ve turned to the next best thing, surf the internet for inspiration.


When I come across a picture that looks appetizing, I want to learn how to make that recipe.

Got greens?  No problem.  Have noodles?  Even better.   And the canned sauces?  A gourmet meal is on the way.

Learning how to cook from how to videos to online cooking courses, there are many options to choose from just to feed a craving or whip up a quick meal.

But it doesn’t stop there.  There are schools promoting healthy eating habits, community forums encouraging students to make healthier choices, and allowing students to be held accountable for making those choices.

  But it doesn’t stop there.  Schools are now getting parents involved to help teach their children to eat healthier.   Things like how to read a food label, what is the calorie content, and what foods are better for a growing and developing child.





So when you see an image of food, do you surf the internet to learn how to cook lasagna?  Do you want to know what meals go best with coffee at then end of the main course?


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

7 Responses to Foodies, Only!

  1. butseriously says:

    I am a foodie, too! I love looking for healthy food recipes and have researched all kinds of special diets. My daughter has celiac disease, so gluten-free is an absolute necessity in our household. When she was first diagnosed, I think we were all about ready to starve to death! I was a good cook, but not a good gluten-free cook. The learning curve was steep, but I did a lot of research on the internet. Several years ago there wasn’t as much info as there is now. Even the Food Network is posting gluten-free recipes! I am now very good at food substitutions for dealing with food allergies/sensitivities, and I guess I kind of thrive on learning how to cook with different ingredients.

    • cadeleo says:

      Tina, it still amazes me how foods can have a profound effect on a person’s well being. Our bodies are amazing machines, but one little wrong ingredient, could render a person with maladies. I choose to change my cooking and eating habits, mainly because my workplace was promoting Health and Wellness. What you’ve done for your daughter and your family, probably saved your lives and promoted a healthier lifestyle. I thrive on learning how to cook with different ingredients, just to spice up my taste buds. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with other friends and family members.

    • trifsus says:

      I have celiac, too! Please share your favorite gluten-free recipes. I’m always looking for new ideas…

      • cadeleo says:

        Susan, the month of July’s fruit or vegetable are Peaches or Garlic. The Health and Wellness program at work tries to feature the Fruit and Vegetable of the Month. I believe that this is a great tool to teach students and non-students alike about nature’s edibles from the earth. Here is a website that is similar to what I am talking about: Fruit and Vegetables.

        These edibles can inspire a person to look for new ideas on how to cook, saute, boil, fry, or even grill with, just to enhance the tastes buds.

  2. lmeinert says:

    Great post! You bring up an interesting topic in that schools are doing more and more education on the promotion of healthy eating. I haven’t seen that too much in our district even though we have a fairly strict wellness policy that bans the sale of certain food items during school hours. Reminds me of the Jamie Oliver show Food Revolution!

    • cadeleo says:

      Luke, the thing is that it is not just the schools that are doing education on the promotion of healthy eating and wellness.
      There are many companies that are encouraging employees to focus on making healthier choices. Companies believe that if you have healthier employees, the return on investments is a healthier work environment and focused employees. I can see why schools are teaching their students at an earlier age to change eating behavioral patterns by teaching healthier choices in the foods to eat. Here is a fun blog to review: The Healthy Snacks Blog

  3. trifsus says:

    I loved the humor you wove into this post. I also have the “open the refrigerator” syndrome and end up going to the Internet for ideas.

    The best recipes I’ve found haven’t been from photos, but from doing a search for “Zucchini (or any other ingredient I have around the house) Recipes”. My older son went to a school that had its own vegetable garden and the kids periodically brought home whatever was in season. I would do the same type of search and find great recipes…

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