Vlogging – Online Education for the Deaf

For this week’s assignment, VLOG, or video + blogging has become a popular tool for online Deaf and HOH (hard of hearing) education or commentaries.  Vlogging is usually uploaded on YouTube and can either come with or without closed caption (words supporting sign language).  I’ve attached two videos to provide the HOW TO and an example of online Deaf Vlogging.  For those of you who are expert lip-readers, you will have to repeat on some instructs that may have gone by too fast.




Here is a sample of  Deaf Vlogging.  Barb Diloni discusses in her first VLOG about the changes for Deaf Education online and how parents, professors, and other children are getting involved in the new changes for Deaf Education online.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

One Response to Vlogging – Online Education for the Deaf

  1. butseriously says:

    This is a great post! It made me think…I have a friend at school that works with special ed students, and she also is a deaf interpreter (signs at college and high school graduations and other events around town). Perhaps I can get her to start vlogging and using her sign language skills to create educational vlogs. Hmmmmmmm…….

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