About Me

My name is Christina A. DeLeo, I live in Nampa, Idaho.   I’ve joined the BSU Master of Educational Technology, online program, in January 2010. I chose the Educational Technology program because my knowledge of technology is limited, but I am excited to “catch-up” with the times of rapidly changing technology.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Management; I have over 16 years of accounting and procurement experiences and have assisted in workforce development in the areas of software support for Finance and Purchasing.

I currently serve as a volunteer Treasurer for the National Association of Purchasing, a division of Institute of Supply Management, serve as a volunteer at the New Again Thrift Store as a stager, work as a temp employee as a Facilities Purchasing Coordinator, and volunteer my services with the local Deaf chapters. Aside from my academia “career” and volunteerism, the important aspects of my life is my family – my three children, (one daughter majoring in physical therapy, one daughter majoring in Journalism, and a son – an aspiring BSU football player) my co-partner and his two sons, cooking gourmet meals, and our family pet Chihuahua.


8 Responses to About Me

  1. lmeinert says:

    Happy to be in EDTECH 597 with you! Hope you enjoy the Summer and I look forward to future posts!

  2. Hi, Christina. I haven’t seen you in the office for awhile, so it is nice to see you in class. –Jerry.

  3. Hi Christina,

    It sounds like you hold a lot of different titles in your life. I’m not sure that I could keep track of that many in mine! I look forward to sharing this semester with you.


    • cadeleo says:

      Hi Travis, yes, I have a busy life at this moment. But my experiences are rewarding and I am learning how to streamline my schedule, so that everyone can have their needs met.

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