EdTech 597 – Why do you blog?

For me, blogging has become a popular tool to share my thoughts, gain perspective from others, and gain the tools needed to become an effective educational technologist. Blogging can be an effective tool to educate, market, share news, or be used as a personal journey to share with other viewers.

For week one, my journey is to create a blog, post an “Introductory” blog entry, create an “All About Me” page, and establish a blogroll. My hopes is that my peers will provide me feedback so that I can develop as an effective educational technologist.


About cadeleo
My name is Christina DeLeo, I am a grad student working on completing my Master's of Educational Technology degree at Boise State University.

10 Responses to EdTech 597 – Why do you blog?

  1. mkbnl says:

    Welcome to the course Christina… Glad to have you along and nice to see you adding additional items to your blog!

    • cadeleo says:

      Thank you, still learning how to use the blog program. Thank goodness for Youtube and Google.

      • mkbnl says:

        Yes, the number of how to videos on YouTube is impressive, and the fact that many of them are actually quite good makes it even better. If you do come across something that you want to do, but can’t find a good video to allow you to do it, let me know and I’ll create one for you and upload it for you to access.

      • cadeleo says:

        Michael, I am a huge fan of Hulu and YouTube right now, since I do not have time to sit and watch 2 hour long movies.
        My schedules are tight, so going to YouTube for instructions on How-To’s is a great resource for me.
        Just the other day, I learned how to poach an egg – my first ever! Who knew that boiling an egg in a 1/4 cup of vinegar
        would allow the egg to wrap all in itself, but keep the yolk somewhat fresh. Now my biggest challenge is how to fix
        a bicycle tire…YouTube, here I come!

      • mkbnl says:

        Glad that you have found them to be useful. I too generally head to YouTube first.

        As a teacher, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention to you TeacherTube. Not as useful for this kind of thing as YouTube, but a service that may make for a better classroom tool.

      • cadeleo says:

        Michael, thank you for sharing TeacherTube. It had a lot of useful videos, notes, photos, and community links.
        I just recently shared an example on # EDTECH 597 Twitter that I had recently had a discussing with my son.

      • mkbnl says:

        Christina, just a reminder not to put a space in the #EDTECH597 hashtag. If you type it as #EDTECH 597, Twitter reads it simply as #EDTECH.

      • cadeleo says:

        Michael, I can re-tweet the links if this would be beneficial.

      • mkbnl says:

        Christina, no need to retweet unless you really want to. I was just making sure you knew for future tweets.

    • cadeleo says:

      Hi Michael, glad to be part of your course this Summer 2011.
      Thank you for your guidance in how to use this blogger.

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